Middle School Curriculum

At SAINT VIDHYA SAGAR CONVENT SCHOOL, the middle school years provide the foundation on which young learners build a promising and fulfilling future. The middle years are also the critical period when the dice can roll either way. The child might develop an enduring and joyful relationship with learning or come to view it as a detestable chore. It is the time when the child begins to ponder over questions like, "Why am I learning, what am I learning? How will it help me in my 'now'?" The challenge for educators is to create the right contexts and experiences for learning that resonate in the student's mind.

Our curricular practices are built on the holistic approach of the early years. As a school is committed to facilitate learner-friendly and experiential education, we are also committed to enable a high level of academic rigour in all its classes, from Primary and Middle to Senior Secondary. This is because we believe in facilitating a viable programme of teaching-learning that enables our students to compete with students from other schools and cultures across the region. By the time, children reach the end of the middle years, they are expected to accumulate those skills and knowledge that will stand them in good stead not just in the senior years but for life.