Primary Curriculum

The curriculum in the primary aims at the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children. It follows the principle of integrated education. Hands-on experiences play a major role in nurturing the spirit of exploration and enquiry. The language curriculum is designed to provide rich experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children build connections with language, math and science in their surroundings. To deal with a mathematical concept, concrete material, relevant situations and games will be used.

The Science Curriculum will provide opportunities for exploring, experimenting, observing and drawing conclusions. Sports Curriculum will lay emphasis on development of gross motor skills, stamina, flexibility, balance, strength and overcoming fear. Art and Music are languages through which a child can express himself/herself creatively. Our emphasis is not on the mere skill of drawing, singing or playing an instrument. The focus is on exploring these forms of arts and equipping children with basic skills needed to develop appreciation of art and aesthetics.